International Association of Reformed and Presbyterian Churches

International Association of Reformed and Presbyterian Churches
   The International Association of Reformed and Presbyterian Churches (iARPC) is one of several ecumenical bodies within the worldwide Reformed/Presbyterian community. It serves the most conservative fundamentalist segment of that community It was founded in 1962 by delegates attending the meeting of the fundamentalist International Council of Christian Churches (ICCC) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Rev. Carl Mclntire (1906-2003), a Presbyterian and the dominant leader of the ICCC, took the lead in forming the international association along with Dr. A. B. Dodd of Taiwan and Dr. J. C. Maris of the Netherlands.
   The IARPC offers itself as an alternative to the more liberal World Alliance of Reformed Churches (WARC). In fact, it was the visit to Rome of the Church of Scotland's moderator, a prominent member of WARC, that provoked the founding of IARPC. The group affirms the infallibility and inerrancy of the Bible and demands separation from all apostasy and heresy (which it believes has infected the liberal Reformed/Presbyterian tradition).
   The IARPC began with those Reformed and Presbyterian churches that were already affiliated with the ICCC. It has its headquarters in Collingswood, New Jersey, in the same building that houses the ICCC in America and the Bible Presbyterian Church, founded by Carl Mclntire.
   See also Ecumenical movement.
   Further reading:
   ■ Margaret C. Harden, comp., A Brief History of the Bible Presbyterian Church and Its Agencies (privately published, 1968).

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